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SubjectRe: [BK PATCHES] add ata scsi driver
On Llu, 2003-05-26 at 06:40, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > And for specifically Intel SATA, drivers/ide flat out doesn't work (even
> > though it claims to).
> Well, I don't think it claimed to, until today. Still doesn't work?

Even if it did it would at best be a toy. The core IDE layer doesn't
handle SCSI errors properly (needed for ATAPI) except using ide-scsi. It
doesn't handle hot plugging of devices, it doesn't handle tagged
queueing very well, it hasn't the slightest idea about multipath (SATA2
can do), it doesn't know a lot of other things either.

SATA and especially SATA2 is basically SCSI with some slightly odd ways
of issuing READ10/WRITE10 to disk devices. A "native" driver would
basically be a copy of most of drivers/scsi.

I actually think thats a positive thing. It means 2.5 drivers/scsi is
now very close to being the "native queueing driver" with some
additional default plugins for doing scsi scanning, scsi error recovery
and a few other scsi bits.

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