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SubjectRe: APIC on Dell Laptops - WAS: Re: [RFC] Fix NMI watchdog documentation
Disconnect writes:
> Local APIC disabled by BIOS -- reenabling.
> Found and enabled local APIC!
> And now /proc/cpuinfo and cpuid both show APIC support.
> Removed/replaced power, triggered lid-switch/battery-status/etc with no
> issues. (The only thing that caused trouble was Fn-F10, the "eject cd"
> button. Never tried it under Linux before, and the cd isn't in it at
> the moment anyway, so I'm betting thats unrelated. But it did cause a
> lockup that even sysrq couldn't recover.)


> Not 100% clear on what the APIC does, but I'm not sure its doing it ;)
> PCI: Using ACPI for IRQ routing <-- shouldn't this be missing if the
> APIC is in use?

Nope. local APIC != I/O APIC. Disable ACPI, or enable IO_APIC (and hope it's there).

> (Full dmesg attached, for those who are curious - the unknown-scancode
> is for the various laptop buttons - bright/dim, vol, media, battery,
> etc. Except for the volume buttons the only ones that work are the ones
> that directly hit the hardware, ala bright/dim.)
> Also, for others with an I8500 who might read the dmesg log, don't get

dmidecode data would be nice, for the whitelist rules.
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