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SubjectRe: Undo aic7xxx changes
> Willy: I am willing to try a serial console setup (as it does not interfere
> with X).

Are you still running all of your tests with X up? You then have no chance
of getting any useful diagnostics without a serial console. Can't you switch
back to a vty while the test is running?

>I have tried this before with no luck. Can you provide some hints how
> you got that working (yes, I read Documentation/serial-console.txt, but
> I could not manage any output on the serial line).

You will need a null modem cable. Config a kernel with serial console
support enabled. Use a fairly high speed for your console (115200). To
enable your first serial port as a console add something like the following
to your kenrel command line:

console=ttyS0,115200 console=vty0

This will retain console output on the vty too.


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