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SubjectRe: [RFR] a new SCSI driver
> > Thinking ahead, by the 2.8 timescale, PATA could well be legacy hardware 
> > which could be supported only by an 'old' IDE driver, much like we already
> > have at the moment - I.E. we could remove the current 'old' IDE driver
> > sometime during the 2.7 timescale, and support SATA only via the SCSI layer.

> Rubbish. PIO mode ATA will be around for some years to come - there
> is just too much invested there (especially in the embedded world) for
> it to vanish this quickly. For example, think about compact flash cards,
> many of which are still driven using PIO mode accesses in todays PDAs.

Why couldn't PDAs be served by the 'old' driver then? Old doesn't mean obsolete.

Also embedded world != PDAs. I was thinking more of things like PVRs, and blade
servers. What about solid state video cameras? Are they going to use PIO mode

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