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SubjectRe: Resend [PATCH] Make KOBJ_NAME_LEN match BUS_ID_SIZE
In article <>,
René Scharfe <> wrote:
>Anyway, I corrected this. Patch below contains a "BSD-compatible" version,
>and also a strlcat().

Ok, I did my own versions, since (a) I had already started and your
patches wouldn't apply, and (b) I hate adding a zillion lines of extra
copyright notices for a 5-line function and (c) I think your patch had

In particular, if any architecture ever decides to roll their own
version of strlcpy/strlcat, the EXPORT_SYMBOL() in ksyms.c would be the
wrong thing to do.

The current BK tree has my totally untested versions of these functions
("Famous last words: 'how hard can it be?'"), along with what I think
is the proper way to export them.

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