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    SubjectRe: 2.5.69-mm9
    Alistair J Strachan <> wrote:
    > These changes don't even get to login for me. I changed the mm9 command line
    > to include init=/bin/sh and got to a prompt. I was able to reproduce an
    > enormous number of oopses by issuing:
    > mount -o remount,rw /
    > I tried to log it with klogd pointed to a different partition (vfat) but the
    > problem segfaults klogd before it commits anything to disc. I'll probably try
    > to do it via serial console this evening if nobody else can reproduce this.

    It sounds like that would be a useful course of action.

    > Another oddity is that changing my / partition to ext2 in /etc/fstab and
    > booting normally (i.e., without init=) doesn't make any difference. If these
    > changes are ext3/jbd only, why is my ext3 volume mounted as ext2 still not
    > mounting rw?

    Changing fstab will not cause / to be mounted by ext2: the kernel makes the
    decision for /. You may be able to use "rootfstype=" (I don't think I've
    ever tried it).

    The proper way to convert to ext2 is:

    - boot with init=/bin/sh

    - /sbin/tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/hda1

    - /sbin/e2fsck -fy /dev/hda1

    - reboot, edit /etc/fstab for the non-root filesystems.

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