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    SubjectRe: Aix7xxx unstable in 2.4.21-rc2? (RE: Linux 2.4.21-rc2)
    Pascal Schmidt wrote:
    > On Fri, 23 May 2003 22:30:17 +0200, Willy Tarreau wrote in lkml:
    >>By this time, there will be more and more people leaving vanilla kernel for
    >>their machines, and using them only as a base to apply -aa, -ac, -jam, -wolk,
    >>-** +* + who_knows_what, and I find it a shame.
    > I think you overestimate the number of aic7xxx users. It's not like
    > 99% of all 2.4 users need the driver.

    I think you're smoking crack, I'd say that there are way more than 1% of
    the 2.4 users w/ an AIC-7XXX chipset based controller. I don't know how
    things are like in Germany, but around here, Adaptec is usually thought
    to be the mainstream choice in SCSI solutions for professional
    workstations and low-to-mid range servers [I Am Not A Product Market
    Analyst, so this is just my personal opinion based on my experiences in
    the VAR/Retail sector... YMMV]. Most of the popular OEM's offer some
    sort of SCSI option based on an AIC-7XXX series chipset for most of
    their non "home-use-only" lines. I can't even count how many
    motherboard manufactures have embedded the AIC-7XXX series chip into
    their motherboard to provide integrated SCSI solutions. Moreover, most
    of what Adaptec produces in their current core SCSI brand line
    (excepting DPT, etc) is based on some version of the AIC-7XXX chip. I
    can damn well say for sure there are more AIC-7XXX users then there are
    Fusion users and, as was pointed out, that code has gone through much
    more invasive changes to bring it up to speed.

    I think the bottom line is that those of us in Adaptec-userland would
    very much appreciate a *working*, current driver in the next kernel
    release. AFAICT, the old code base that was reverted to still has some
    annoying "quirks", and frankly doesn't perform as well as the current
    driver [at least for me]. So, invasive or not, I think we ought to be
    "testing the code" of a driver release written by a person who is well
    qualified to know the ins and outs of the hardware he is writing the
    code for. Obviously Justin has access to a multitude of Adaptec
    hardware and I am quite satisfied that he has sufficiently tested his
    modifications to the driver. Waiting until 2.4.22, let alone 2.4.21, is
    actually released just seems too far down the road to be sane.

    Just my $0.02 on this...


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