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SubjectRe: [patch] cache flush bug in mm/filemap.c (all kernels >= 2.5.30(at least))
Russell King writes:
> We seem to have flush_icache_page() in install_page() - I wonder whether
> we should also have flush_dcache_page() in there as well.
Maybe because install_page() isn't called in the situation I
was talking about. install_page() is called from filemap_populate()
which in turn is called from do_file_map() in handle_pte_fault(),
while I was talking about filemap_nopage() called by do_no_page() in

And maybe because *every* other call to flush_page_to_ram() has been
replaced by one of the new interface macros except that one in
filemap_nopage() in 'mm/filemap.c'.

Lothar Wassmann
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