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    SubjectRe: irtty_sir cannot be unloaded
    On Fri, 23 May 2003, DevilKin wrote:

    > > This and a few other things from the list which I've sent to you is done
    > > in my local codebase, but needs some testing over the weekend. So you'll
    > > see patches on monday. I guess I'll make them against what you've sent to
    > > Jeff despite it may need some more time until this appears in bk - Ok?
    > If there is any code I can help test, I'm more than willing :-)

    Me too - but no, wrt. the rtnl-deadlock nothing that I know of. The
    changes I mentioned above are merely cleanups of the sir-dev and irtty-sir
    stuff completely unrelated to the deadlock.

    I've just tried to ping the other thread but as was said, it's a
    network/hotplug problem and definitely not easy to resolve.


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