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SubjectRe: Strange terminal problem with 2.5.6[8-9]
On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 03:36, Matthew Harrell wrote:
> :
> : The last working kernel I had under my X windows system was 2.5.67-bk7. After
> : that point every 2.5.6[8-9] and bk patch has had one major problem on my
> : laptop - when I bring up a gnome-terminal or xterm the console prompt never
> : shows up. The terminals just hang with a blinking cursor but I never get
> : a prompt. If I reboot with the same setup into my 2.5.67 or any previous
> : kernel then everything works fine.
> :
> : This is a Debian Sid system running gnome2. Any ideas?
> :
> This problem still exists with all current bk patches for 2.5.69. I'm not
> even sure where to look for the problem. Since nobody else has reported a
> problem I'm going to boot back to an older, working kernel and assume the
> problem as something to do with the configuration I'm using (attached below).
> If anyone has any ideas just let me know and I'll give them a try

2.5.68 and later have depreciated devpts support in devfs. Thus
you have to enable:


and mount it during boot. Easy way is just to add to fstab:

none /dev/pts devpts defaults 0 0


Martin Schlemmer

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