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SubjectRE: must-fix list, v5

> From: Andrew Morton []

Hi just wanted to add some comments below:

> drivers/acpi/
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> o davej: ACPI has a number of failures right now. There are
> a number of
> @@ -710,25 +766,32 @@
> "network card doesn't recieve packets" booting with
> 'acpi=off noapic' fixes
> it.
> alan: VIA APIC stuff is one bit of this, there are also some other
> reports that were caused by ACPI not setting level v edge
> trigger some
> times
> o davej: There's also another nasty 'doesnt boot' bug which
> quite a few
> people (myself included) are seeing on some boxes
> (especially laptops).

Working on these (they're all in bugzilla), more help needed of course

> +o mochel: it seems the acpi irq routing code could use a
> serious rewrite.

No the problem is the ACPI irq routing code is trying to piggyback on
the existing MPS-specific data structures, and it's generally a hack. So
yes mochel is right, but it is also purging MPS-ities from common code
as well. I've done some preliminary work in this area and it doesn't
seem to break anything (yet) but a rewrite in this area imho should not
be rushed out the door. And, I think the above bugs can be fixed w/o the

> +o mochel: ACPI suspend doesn't work. Important, not
> cricital. Pat is
> + working it.

Go, Pat, go!

Regards -- Andy
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