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SubjectDRM: radeon ve qy 7000 no supported
I own a radeon ve qy 7000 that works perfectly with 2.5.x kernels. Using
2.4.x kernels (2.4.20 / 2.4.21-pre2 / 2.4.21-rc2) OpenGL displays the
message "initDriver: error". I'm not on that machine now, so I can't
send the kernel configuration file, nor other information about the
system... BTW the new version of drm (the on shipped with 2.5.x) works
perfectly, and gives optimal performances with OpenGL games like
"egoboo". I can't upgrade to 2.5 on that machine, because those kernels
have some driver yet unstable (I can't check what, because the machine
freeze up when I logoff from kde, shutting down the monitor.
Someone can help me? Have I to wait a more stable 2.5 branch to use 3D
acceleration on my radeon 7000?


Patrizio Bruno <>
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