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SubjectRe: Error during compile of 2.5.69-mm8

On May 23, David S. Miller wrote:
> From: Andrew Morton <>
> Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 16:02:18 -0700
> Looks like David converted this macro into a no-op, then moved it into
> netdevice.h.
> Problem is, some non-network drivers were using it too.
> They shouldn't, it's backwards compatability crap for net drivers
> only. Use explicit ->owner references elsewhere.

Well, as mentioned in my other mail there ARE many occurrences of
SET_MODULE_OWNER, for example in the ISDN subtree (just give 'grep' a try)...

> Maybe we should put it back the way it was and go edit all the
> netdrivers?
> Absolutely not.

Oops, that's what the patch in my other mail does...

> Yoshfuji posted a patch on linux-kernel to fix this already.

Sorry, I must have missed this patch - that would have made my work obsolete -
but I'd like to see how that supports all the other SET_MODULE_OWNER calls
from all the other places...

Best regards
Thomas Schlichter
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