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SubjectRe: e100 latency, cpu cycle saver and e1000...

> My little program was crude at best.
Yes, I know, but it does exist !

> You have to take into account what the machines are doing.
> If you notice, the "Min" latency is about the same, so it's
> not a CPU cycle saver. The long "Max" latencies mean you
> probably have something on IP2 that is blocking the execution
> of the IP stack (for, say up to 4.5ms).
> Are all the machine completely quiesced except for the test program?
> Have you tried switching the network connections to see if it
> is in the network hardware?

Correct, machines are not idle... but
- they are doing globally the same work,
- this behavior is something I can reproduce test after test, since
I've started this morning...

I started using that because IP1 was exhibiting high latency yesterday
'til I rebooted it, and since it is working quite fine...
Of course, I can reboot also IP2, but I'd like to understand why
and how to avoid it later...


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