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SubjectRe: Finalised 2.4 VM Documentation
On 19 May 2003 15:53, Mel Gorman wrote:
> I've finalised all the documentation that I'm going to do for the 2.4
> VM and no further updates will be posted on the web site to this
> version. At this stage it has been heavily read by a number of people
> and there hasn't been a complaint or correction in a few weeks now.
> I'm happy to say it is now complete (and more importantly correct)
> and acts as a detailed description of the 2.4 VM, the algorithms that
> it is based on and comprehensive coverage of the code. People who are
> only interested in the 2.5.x VMs will still find it much easier to
> follow when they clearly know how 2.4 is put together.
> As always, it comes in two parts. The first part is the actual
> documentation and gives a description of the whole VM. The second is
> a code commentary which covers a significant percentage of the VM for
> guiding through the messier parts. They are available in PDF, HTML
> and plain text formats.
> Main site:
> Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager
> PDF:
> Text:
> Code Commentary on the Linux Virtual Memory Manager
> PDF:
> Text:
> Thanks to all the people who read through it, helped me out and sent
> encouragement. It's been fun.

Amazing stuff. Thank you.
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