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SubjectRe: userspace irq balancer
On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 15:22, Dave Hansen wrote:
> > as for distros: RHL8 and later ship with it on the RH side
> > (default enabled as of RHL9).
> But, do you see the need for ripping out the current code? For those of
> us that are still running a slightly more primitive distro, it would be
> nice to have some pretty effective default behavior, like what is in the
> kernel now.

You have to install new modutils to even use modules with the 2.5.x
kernel, given that why are we even talking about the "inconvenience"
of installing the usermode IRQ balancer as being a blocker for
ripping out the in-kernel stuff?

The in-kernel stuff MUST go. It went in because "some benchmark went
faster", but with no "why" describing why it might have improved
performance. We KNOW it absolutely sucks for routing and firewall
applications. The in-kernel bits were all a shamans dance, with zero
technical "here is why this makes things go faster" description
attached. If I remember properly, the changelog message when the
in-kernel irq balancing went in was of the form "this makes some
specweb run go faster".

David S. Miller <>
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