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SubjectRe: Recent changes to sysctl.h breaks glibc
On Mon, 19 May 2003 17:55:06 MDT, Eric W. Biederman said:
> If things must be maintained in concert it is a bug.
> With a fixed ABI people take advantage of new features as they
> care for them. And in general to use new features requires new code.

And if the kernel headers aren't maintained in concert with the kernel,
new userspace code can't reach the new features.

Therefor, by your definition, the current situation is a bug.

Try compiling code that uses futexes on a system that has a kernel that
supports them, but kernel-headers that haven't been upgraded to mention them.
The kernel has the new code, the userspace has the new code, but gcc will
turn around and whinge about the new code because there's a piece missing in
between. So people *CANT* take advantage of the new features (unless they
do something silly like drag their own foo.h file around where it can get
out of sync with reality).

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