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SubjectRE: RFC Proposal to enable MSI support in Linux kernel
By default, one single message (MSI) is assigned to any MSI/MSI-X capable
device regardless of whether the device is capable of handling a single or
multiple messages. Due the current implementation of assigning vector in
Linux, the PCI subsystem assigns one single message to the device, which
implements the MSI capability structure. However, for the device
implementing the MSI-X capability structure, the device driver can request
for additional messages by calling the API:

int msi_alloc_vectors(void* dev_id, int *vector, int nvec)


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Subject: Re: RFC Proposal to enable MSI support in Linux kernel

Do you require mulitple vectors per device? Can't you assign one and then
multiplex in your handler? Or is there some mode of operation i've not
taken into account?

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