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SubjectRe: 2.6 must-fix, v4
Andrew Morton <> writes:

> arch/x86_64/
> ------------
> - time handling is broken. Need to move up 2.4 time.c code.
> - some fixes from 2.4 still need to be merged

This is done (except the time.c stuff)

> - 32bit vsyscalls seem to be broken
> - 32bit elf coredumps are broken

These two are fixed.

> - need to coredump 64bit vsyscall code with dwarf2

This has been started, but is stalled due to binutils/gcc issues.

> - move 64bit signal trampolines into vsyscall code and add dwarf2 for it.

First part of it has been done. Just need to add the dwarf2. Also requires
the previous item.

> - describe kernel assembly with dwarf2 annotations for kgdb (currently
> waiting on some binutils changes for this)

binutils patch for it exists now, still need to get the hands dirty on it.

But all hasn't been merged yet because Linus drops patches recently :-(

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