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    SubjectProblem in ARP 2.4.20 kernel
    I'm working on a mechanism to load balance across multiple 100 mbit interfaces
    using the 2.4.20 linux kernel + custom server software. I have several
    interfaces all on the same subnet with different IP addresses. They are
    all connected to the same multi-port switch.

    The intent is that a client can connect to any of the IP addresses
    specifically and only burden that one. Some clients can connect to #1, others
    to #2, etc.

    The problem I ran into was the kernel's handling of ARP requests. What linux
    does is each interface receives the arp request, and every single one
    answers the request. So it becomes a race condition which response gets to
    the client, and the client will have usually an incorrect mac address/ip
    address arp entry.

    I fixed this problem by modifying net/ipv4/arp.c:
    //add to top of file in the #includes
    #include <linux/inetdevice.h> // (DA) 20030515 to fix arp problem
    //...then later in function arp_process()
    if (addr_type == RTN_LOCAL) {
    n = neigh_event_ns(&arp_tbl, sha, &sip, dev);
    if (n) {
    + struct in_device *ind;
    int dont_send = 0;
    if (IN_DEV_ARPFILTER(in_dev))
    dont_send |= arp_filter(sip,tip,dev);
    +// (DA) 20030515 only send arp response if dev's IP address matches
    + if((ind=__in_dev_get(dev))) {
    + struct in_ifaddr *ifa;
    + ifa=ind->ifa_list;
    + while(ifa)
    + {
    + if(ifa->ifa_address==tip) break;
    + ifa=ifa->ifa_next;
    + }
    + if(!ifa) dont_send=1;
    + }
    if (!dont_send)

    goto out;

    Before sending the arp response, the requested IP address is checked against
    the interface's configured IP address, and only if there is a match will an
    ARP response be sent.

    I think the the check is harmless in any case. It's not clear to me if you'd
    ever want each interface answering the ARP requests, and it is clear there
    is a valid reason for wanting to wire up a computer this way. Enjoy!


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