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SubjectRe: disk corruption in 2.5.66-bk5 - 2.5.69
"Adam J. Richter" <> wrote:
> linux-2.5.66-bk5 changed blkdev_put in fs/block_dev.c
> to only call sync_blockdev if bdev->bd_openers drops to zero.
> For me, this has resulted in disk corruption when lilo runs
> under kernels 2.5.66-bk5 through 2.5.69, even if I run
> "sync" repeatedly after running lilo.

Works OK here with a simple test:

sleep 10000 < /dev/hda5 &
cat < some-file > /dev/hda5
<press reset>
cmp some-file /dev/hda5

LILO does a global sync itself before quitting. Check to see if there's a
lot of writeout happening. See if there's writeout happening when you run
sync manually.

Maybe take a copy of /dev/hda1 into a regular file, then reboot, then
compare with what's on the disk.

Check that /proc/meminfo:Dirty goes to zero after `sync'.

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