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SubjectRe: CryptoAPI and WEP/stream ciphers (was: airo and firmware upload)
On Wed, 14 May 2003, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> I tried to change my WEP implementation to use CryptoAPI, but that ended
> up in problems.. If I understood correctly, current CryptoAPI supports
> only block ciphers(?).

Block ciphers and digests.

> certainly does not sound very reasonable.. Another alternative would be
> to add support for stream ciphers into CryptoAPI.

Yes, it would be good to have API support for stream encryption in
general, e.g. also for OFB and Counter Mode.

> Do you think that it would still be required to get rid of the own WEP
> implementation in the Host AP driver before including it into the kernel
> tree? Would this mean that someone would first need to add support for
> stream ciphers into CryptoAPI? Any change of that happening for Linux
> 2.6.x?

I'd like to see it go in if the code is available.

> And one more question before using more time with WEP implementation..
> Is someone already working with stream cipher support for CryptoAPI?

Not that I know of.

- James
James Morris

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