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SubjectRe: encrypted swap [was: The disappearing sys_call_table export.]

On Wed, 14 May 2003, Yoav Weiss wrote:

> On Tue, 13 May 2003, Ahmed Masud wrote:
> Yes, it sounds like an interesting project. Check out openbsd's paper
> about this:

Thank you for this paper, it is a fun read. I do think however that a
few implementation differences should take place:

1. We should not enforce Rijndael as the only choice.

2. Every page should be encrypted iff it marked with some flag. This gives
a generic enough hook to create a swap_encrypt_policy type function to
determine whether it is desirable to encrypt a particular page or not.

2a. The above flag may also be set or cleared by the page-owner process on
a page-to-page basis (something a-kin to mlock()).

3. A slightly more sophisticated timeout framework should be created with
the ability to enforce expiry or request expiry extensions (upto some type
of a system hard limit?) on a per page.

Please comment.

This is an aside: should do we do anything about core dumps?

> Let me know when you get it rolling. I'll try to help where I can.
> I just hope it has a chance to be included.

I will start looking at it seriously within next couple of days actually.
I looked at the swap stuff in mm code yesterday for the first time and it
seems (eeriely) straightforward, and i know i am going to run into an
unseen brick wall :-).

I would suspect that somewhere between the io requst generated by
swap_readpage and swap_writepage cypto can be hooked in... haven't yet
determined where/when the key generations should take place.


Ahmed Masud.

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