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SubjectRe: logs full of chatty IDE cdrom
On Sat, May 10 2003, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure but this seems to be a lot worse in 2.5.x for some
> reason; my logs are full of I/O errors, not ready's and other errors from
> my CDROM drive that is playing audio CDs; I suspect at least some of it
> is due to kscd trying to figure out if there is a CD in an empty drive.

This should fix it.

===== drivers/ide/ide-cd.c 1.44 vs edited =====
--- 1.44/drivers/ide/ide-cd.c Wed May 7 19:34:30 2003
+++ edited/drivers/ide/ide-cd.c Wed May 14 10:16:09 2003
@@ -2070,6 +2070,7 @@

req.sense = sense;
+ req.flags |= REQ_QUIET;

/* the Sanyo 3 CD changer uses byte 7 of TEST_UNIT_READY to
Jens Axboe

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