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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][ATM] add reference counting to atm_dev
    In message <>,Greg KH writes:
    >Any reason to not just use a struct device here? This is a device,
    >right? Or at the very least, a kobject would be acceptable.

    actually, i think it should possibly be a netdevice. eventually
    i will consider this path.

    >Please don't roll your own reference counting code, when we've already
    >gotten a in-kernel version that has been debugged quite well.

    netdevice has this which is why i would probably use that. i would
    also get kobject support for free there (or so i imagine)

    >Is this going to help us be able to get rid of the MOD_* calls in ATM
    >drivers soon?

    no. a later patch will get rid of those though. next in the queue
    will be to make atm itself modular and make vcc's do reference counting
    (via their struct sock parent). i could fix the MOD_ nonsense next if
    its really bothering you.

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