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SubjectRe: 2.5.69-mm4 fails to boot
--On Tuesday, May 13, 2003 17:28:58 -0500 Dave McCracken wrote:
> --On Tuesday, May 13, 2003 15:14:36 -0700 Joel Beckerwrote:
>> 2.5.69-mm4 is failing to boot. It completes init_rootfs() in
>> mnt_init() but does not complete init_mount_tree(). Call me dumb, but
>> nothing obvious jumps out at me, I don't see any diff(1) from -mm3, and
>> I don't really have time to actively debug it. I can indeed build and
>> try kernels.
>> This is the WimMark box. Compaq ML570. 4x700MHz Xeon, 2GB RAM.
>> Still boots all the other kernels fine.
> I have the same exact problem. It hange in exactly the same place. My
> machine is a dual Pentium Pro w/ 128M RAM, and not much else.

I didn't get a chance to chase this, but 2.5.69-mm5 boots just fine, so
whatever caused it has been fixed for me.

Dave McCracken

Dave McCracken IBM Linux Base Kernel Team 1-512-838-3059 T/L 678-3059

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