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SubjectRe: Race between vmtruncate and mapped areas?

--On Wednesday, May 14, 2003 08:06:53 -0700 William Lee Irwin III
<> wrote:

>> Which the application thinks is still part of the file, and will expect
>> its changes to be written back. Granted, if the page fault occurred
>> just after the truncate it'd get SIGBUS, so it's clearly not a robust
>> assumption, but it will result in unexpected behavior. Note that if the
>> application later extends the file to include this page it could result
>> in a corrupted file, since all the pages around it will be written
>> properly.
> Well, for this one I'd say the app loses; it was its own failure to
> synchronize truncation vs. access, at least given that the kernel
> doesn't oops.

I think allowing a race condition that can randomly leave corrupted files
is a really bad idea, even if the app is doing something stupid. We know
what the race is. We should be able to prevent it.


Dave McCracken IBM Linux Base Kernel Team 1-512-838-3059 T/L 678-3059

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