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SubjectRe: [OpenAFS-devel] Re: [PATCH] in-core AFS multiplexor and PAG support
Alan Cox <> writes:

> How does AFS currently handle this, can two logins of the same user have
> seperate PAGs ?

Yes. In fact, that's the default situation and it requires some work to
get two logins of the same user into the same PAG.

AFS currently handles PAGs by creating "random" high-numbered groups and
putting the user into them, and then associating the token with that group
in the kernel.

One could debate whether it's best to put a user into the same PAG as
their other logins by default, but it's imperative that a user be able to
create a separate PAG when they wish to (so, for example, they can acquire
separate credentials in that new PAG without affecting the credentials and
PAG for their other running processes).

Russ Allbery ( <>
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