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SubjectLinux v2.4.21-rc2 changelog (was: Linux 2.4.21-rc2)
On Thu, 08 May 2003, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:

> Here goes release canditate 2. The aic7xxx problems should be fixed.

It's late, but here goes the changelog summary with changes since
2.4.21-rc1 (the usual bk set -d -rv2.4.21-rc1, listing the first lines
of the changesets that make up 2.4.21-rc2 but aren't in 2.4.21-rc1, IOW,
the rc1 -> rc2 changes, grouped by author and sorted by surname:

o USB: keyspan driver fixes

Muli Ben-Yehuda:
o [NETFILTER]: ip_queue memory leaks

Neil Brown:
o Update umem driver for newer cards
o Return correct result for ACCESS(READ) on eXecute-only

Ben Collins:
o Fix highmem_io for sbp2
o More firewire/IEEE1394 fixes
o Fix IEEE1394 locking problems + cleanups

Alan Cox:
o update hptraid
o fix x.25 parsing
o xdr warning (0 - any)
o fix wrong type
o maintainer updates
o fix base handling in lib stuff
o kill unneeded ifdefs, add rd/ and root=nbd
o headers for sisfb update
o put the ide idents back in working order
o fix wrong types in if_shaper
o sisfb ipdate
o new sis fb idents
o header for arcnet fixes
o remove dead functions
o fix the d_path error cases in umsdos
o more /proc error cases
o fix error cases in procfs
o copy kernel not user object in ncpfs
o handle error case in fs/namespace.c
o fix lots of tdfxfb bugs
o make sstfb work bigendian
o Fix copy_to_user handling in vicam
o make pegasus work on big endian
o mdc800 copy_to_user handling fix
o fix a race and a comment in via_audio
o mpu401 copy_to_user handling fix
o small fix for pcm alloc on i810
o Fix get_user handling in cmpci
o Fix copy_to_user handling in awe_wave
o fix build with newer binutils
o add another card id
o fix qlogicisp leaks
o fix nsp32 build with newer binutils
o fix ide-scsi retry oops
o fix cpqfc leak
o fix time type in aha152x
o fix 82092 crash cases
o Fix copy_user handling in cosa
o sis900 needs to know another PHY
o fix roadrunner memory leak
o fix compile of r8169 with newer binutils
o Fix arcnet crashes with raw socket
o Fix copy_user handling in z36120
o /proc stuff for zoran
o Fix copy_to_user handling in eicon
o add blacklist for barracuda ata iv with CSB5
o IDE: if 0 garbage removal
o fix ide smp deadlock on settings sem
o fix memory leak on rio
o fix overrun in cdu31a

Oleg Drokin:
o Memleak fix for DIGITAL EtherWORKS 3 ethernet driver

Jeff Garzik:
o fix fealnx build on ia64 and other non-x86
o tg3 fix

Christoph Hellwig:
o add intelfb to

Stephen Hemminger:
o [BRIDGE]: New maintainership

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
o Fix PPC build

Marcel Holtmann:
o [Bluetooth] Fix L2CAP binding to local address
o [Bluetooth] Respond correctly to RLS packets

Bernhard Kaindl:
o Fixup 2.4 ptrace fix

Andi Kleen:
o Another x86-64 build fix for gcc-3.3-hammer
o Fix SMP x86-64 kernels on simics
o Fix gcc 3.3 build for reverted aic7xxx driver
o Critical fix for x86-64

Dave Kleikamp:
o JFS: Avoid rare deadlock
o JFS: jfs_lookup should check for bad inode returned from iget
o JFS: Performance improvement

Maksim Krasnyanskiy:
o [Bluetooth] Fix race condition in RFCOMM session and dlc scheduler
o [Bluetooth] Improved RFCOMM TTY buffer management. Don't buffer
more data than we have credits for.

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o IBM PCI Hotplug: fix up a number of memory leaks on the error path
o IBM PCI Hotplug: fix up a lot of memory allocations and leaks just
to figure out a slot name
o i2c: bug fix for 2.4.21-rc1

Paul Mackerras:
o Fix drivers/video/
o update CREDITS
o PPC32: Compile fix for ppc_ksyms.c - it needs the declaration of
o PPC32: Update the defconfigs

Torben Mathiasen:
o PCI Hotplug: cpqphp 66/100/133MHz PCI-X support

Patrick McHardy:
o [NETFILTER]: Multiple ipt_REJECT fixes

Adam Mercer:
o Fix vesafb with large memory

David S. Miller:
o [NET]: Fix hashing exploits in ipv4 routing, IP conntrack, and TCP
o [NET]: SG without checksum support is illegal

James Morris:
o [IPV4]: Choose new rt_hash_rnd every rt_run_flush
o [NET]: Cosmetic cleanups of jhash code

Paulo Ornati:
o explicit support for nVidia nForce

Ernie Petrides:
o Orphan recovery error path fix

Stelian Pop:
o sonypi fixes

Tom Rini:
o PPC32: Export a missing symbol (__div64_32)

Nivedita Singhvi:
o [AF_UNIX]: Fix max_dgram_qlen procfs permissions

Alan Stern:
o USB: usb-storage fixes
o USB: usb storage async unlink error code fix

Jun Sun:
o kiobuf flush dcache properly

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -rc2 TAG: v2.4.21-rc2
o aic7xxx PCI posting flush fix from Arjan
o aic7xxx: Go back to old aic7xxx (pre3) since the new one lockups
some cards on initialization. The new driver (aic79xx) is now a new
directory. I know Justin will hate this, but I can't update the
aic7xxx to a fully new driver in -rc stage.
o Avoid is_dumpable() NULL pointer reference

Harald Welte:
o [NETFILTER]: Trivial but important state fix for ipt_conntrack
o [NETFILTER]: Makefile and build fixes

David Woodhouse:
o JFFS2: Fix for_each_inode()

Matthias Andree
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