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Subjectit is a lab environment
> > The switching table is
> > messed up by the intense traffic, we believe. Other cheaper switches
> > (netgear fast esthernet switch FS108 ) have the same problem.
> What do you mean by "intense traffic?" Many switches will get
> confused if you fill their tables with a large number of different
> addresses. Is someone maybe spoofing MAC addresses on your net?
> Or is the switch plugged into a larger switched network where it will
> see many different MAC addresses on the uplink port?

By Intense traffic I mean that the traffic on one path through the
switch is a little more than 10mb/s.

My testing enviroment is an isolated lab environment. I only use
4 ports and the uplink port is not used. Each of the 4 ports is
connected to one ethernet card. That is why I concluded that the
10mb/s traffic is intense since for the first 5 minutes the switch is a
switch and then becomes a hub.

As I said, I used a little expensive swicth (also auto-sensing
dumb one) and solved the problem. That is why I concluded a very cheap
swicth (<$100) may be not good in some scenarios. Of course for household
it is definitely a good choice.

Xinwen Fu
P.S. I only intend to provide some information and all my testing is for
a rigid academic objective.

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