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SubjectRe: The disappearing sys_call_table export.
Yoav Weiss wrote:

> No one specified what audit_log does in this case. Usually, in such
> modules, the audit function doesn't just log everything. It can, for
> example, rate-limit the logging and just spit a message about the user
> DoSing the log system.

Not on the systems I've seen. Max log file size is 4GB and the
logs are on their own partition. If the file fills up the system
crashes immediately and only administrators can log in after reboot
until the logs are archived.

> The usermode code can change it and
> change it back as soon as the file has been unlinked. If the system is
> under heavy load (generated by the attacker), the attacking process is
> reniced to 20, and the monitoring part of it has higher priority and keeps
> stat(2)ing the file, a thread in the attack code may actually be able to
> change the filename back in time for the second check.

Yes, but now any unsuccessful attempts to change the name will be
logged, where before there was basically no risk for the attacker
trying over and over until success. Even a single failure could
raise an alert on the target machine, something a cracker definitely
does not want to happen.
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