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    Subject[BK+PATCH] mention useful BK tip

    Linus, please do a

    bk pull bk://

    This will update the following files:

    Documentation/BK-usage/bk-kernel-howto.txt | 8 ++++++++
    1 files changed, 8 insertions(+)

    through these ChangeSets:

    <> (03/05/11 1.1105)
    [bk] add useful tip to bk kernel howto

    Kudos to Wayne Scott @ BitMover for this.

    diff -Nru a/Documentation/BK-usage/bk-kernel-howto.txt b/Documentation/BK-usage/bk-kernel-howto.txt
    --- a/Documentation/BK-usage/bk-kernel-howto.txt Sun May 11 14:48:13 2003
    +++ b/Documentation/BK-usage/bk-kernel-howto.txt Sun May 11 14:48:13 2003
    @@ -273,3 +273,11 @@
    A tag is just an alias for a specific changeset... and since changesets
    are ordered, a tag is thus a marker for a specific point in time (or
    specific state of the tree).
    +3) Is there an easy way to generate One Big Patch versus mainline,
    + for my long-lived kernel branch?
    +A. Yes. This requires BK 3.x, though.
    + bk export -tpatch -r`bk repogca bk://`,+
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