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SubjectRe: [bug 2.5.69] xirc2ps_cs, irq 3: nobody cared, shutdown hangs
On Sul, 2003-05-11 at 18:24, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> If netif_device_present() returns false, we think the hardware has
> disappeared. So that implies a bug in calling netif_device_detach() no
> a bug in the irq handler return value.

Not really. The IRQ can be outstanding from the hardware unplug,
especially on PCMCIA. Its an edge triggered IRQ so the unplug is very
likely to latch an IRQ for delivery as the connector unplugs.

> If pcmcia hardware disappears on you, you _really_ don't want to be
> bitbanging its ports.

Its quite safe to do so. What we must do is ensure we don't reallocate
the ports until they are truely freed. The current PCMCIA seems to get
that right, (the current PCI locking for cardbus and hotplug is still
terminally broken of course)


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