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    SubjectRe: [ATM] [UPDATE] unbalanced exit path in Forerunner HE he_init_one() (and an iphase patch too!)
       From: chas williams <>
    Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 11:18:32 -0400

    In message <>,"David S. Miller" writes:
    > but its ok for usb drivers?
    >Bad ugly code in one area of the kernel is not an excuse
    >for it in other areas :-)

    perhaps someone should mention this to them? i believe usb
    is under active development.

    We just did. :-)

    And a coding style document lives in the tree in case you weren't
    aware of this. linux/Documentation/CodingStlye

    [ATM]: unbalanced exit path in Forerunner HE he_init_one(). thanks to
    Francois Romieu <>

    I'll apply this, thanks.
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