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SubjectRe: anyone ever implemented a reparent(pid) syscall?
Chris Friesen wrote:
> I would like some way for the main one to restart, read the
> list of pids out of a file that it conveniently stashed away,

And until it has done this, any child death will still only be seen
by init. So you either didn't have a problem with this in the first
place, or you can make sure your children don't die while their
parents are changing, or you've just designed yourself a race

A design where the parent simply doesn't die would be much better.

> Has anyone ever done this?

You could use ptrace to pretty much this effect. Of course, this
only works if the child processes don't already use ptrace for
some other purpose, and your parent now needs to respond whenever
a child gets a non-terminal signal (in addition to the terminal

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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