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    SubjectProblems with DRM/R128
    I have an ATI Rage 128. I am using the 2.4.20 vanilla kernel. I have 
    compiled in the DRM 4.1 and the R128 driver (not as modules, but part of
    the kernel).

    However, graphics such as tuxracer are very slow. The XFree86 log file
    shows an entry:
    (II) R128(0): [drm] Added 128 16384 byte vertex/indirect buffers
    (II) R128(0): [drm] Mapped 128 vertex/indirect buffers
    (II) R128(0): [drm] failure adding irq handler, there is a device already
    using that irq
    [drm] falling back to irq-free operation
    (II) R128(0): Direct rendering enabled

    On starting OpenOffice, I see:
    Gnome session manager detected - session management disabled
    running setup...
    Setup complete. Running
    libGL error: failed to open DRM: Operation not permitted
    libGL error: reverting to (slow) indirect rendering

    Now I am pretty sure this is a kernel-related issue, since in the past on
    the same hardware with a Redhat 7.3 distro (I am now using gentoo), I
    observed that tuxracer was very slow when using the vanilla kernel, but if
    I installed the RedHat kernel, it worked fine.

    Can anyone please suggest how I can fix this?

    Many thanks!

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