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    SubjectRe: 2.5.69 strange high tone on DELL Inspiron 8100
    On Sat, 10 May 2003 18:51:18 +0200
    Tuncer M "zayamut" Ayaz <> wrote:

    > On Sat, 10 May 2003 17:25:27 +0100
    > Jamie Lokier <> wrote:
    > > Tuncer M zayamut Ayaz wrote:
    > > > what I found out right now is that when there is
    > > > load (moving mailer windows around) the sound
    > > > is gone and reappears if there's no load aka
    > > > I stop moving mailer window (while typing this mail).
    > >
    > > That's the opposite of my Toshiba in any of the lower power modes.
    > >
    > > When there's CPU activity, it emits a quiet high-pitched noise.
    > > When CPU activity stops, the noise stops. This doesn't happen in
    > > the maximum power usage mode (brigh screen, fastest clock), and I
    > > don't know if there's a way to turn it off.
    > 1) with SpeedStep enabled in BIOS and also enabled with software
    > switching to full-speed mode turn down the volum a bit.
    > 2) disabled SpeedStep in BIOS. init-scripts enabled speed step
    > same behaviour as in 1)
    > funny side is that prior to booting 2.5 on the LILO prompt
    > I listened and would bet that the same noise but very very
    > quietly was still there.

    rebooted with a reconfigured kernel to assure it's not cpufreq.
    same behaviour without cpufreq.
    btw, I'm not 100% sure anymore now running 2.4 whether I really
    heard the same noise just quiet. hard to differentiate and also
    doesn't matter from my view as it doesn't annoy like the
    2.5 noise effect.
    --> if it's the same noise, it would be ok, as you don't hear it
    normally sitting in front of the box, but running 2.5 is not
    nice with that high-pitched tone.
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