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    SubjectRe: must-fix list for 2.6.0
    At 05:21 AM 5/1/2003 +0200, Mike Galbraith wrote:
    >At 12:11 PM 4/30/2003 -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
    >>Maciej Soltysiak <> wrote:
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > Also there is one issue, i am not sure if this may be a kernel issue,
    >> > but with setiathome running in a X desktop environment all apps work fine,
    >> > but when i run openoffice, openoffice responds with 5 second delay.
    >>That'll be the changed sched_yield() semantics.
    >>The below patch should fix that up, but we need to decide whether the (rather
    >>unclear) advantages of the sched_yield() change outweigh the breakage which
    >>it caused linuxthreads applications.


    Anyway, attached is a patchlet that works for me if anyone wants to try
    it. I removed printk's, and whatnot but it'll have some offsets because of
    other butchery in my X-para-mental tree ;-)

    -Mike [unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
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