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    SubjectRe: readprofile: 0 total nan
    On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 05:35, wrote:
    > Hi I found something intersting, and I wanted to share with all.
    > I copied the /proc/profile file of host (X86) to a file "my_profile" on the
    > target system (XScale) and I execute the following command at the target, the
    > file for the command is the one generated by cross compiling kernel
    > for XScale (target) itself.
    > ./readprofile -p ./my_profile | sort -nr +2 | head -2
    > Here is the result ....
    > ./readprofile: profile address out of range. Wrong map file?

    The "Wrong map file" was reported because, based upon your command line,
    it looks like readprofile used /usr/src/linux/ rather than the from your Xscale/ARM system. If you have the map file for
    your ARM kernel, you could try using the -m option when invoking
    readprofile to specify a path to your ARM's

    ./readprofile -m /specify/path/to/arm/ -p ./my_profile

    > XScale/ARM? I think there is a problem in the way, kernel for XScale/ARM is
    > generating /proc/profile file.

    That is possible. Unfortunately, I don't have my StrongARM-based
    handheld running a modern kernel, so I can't offer much help here.

    Andy Pfiffer <>

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