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    SubjectRe: 64-bit kdev_t - just for playing

    On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

    > However, there are significant hurdles to implementing this tool:
    > - defining an adequately powerful file format to define the desired naming policy

    The kernel only exports information, which you can get from sysfs. This
    will unlikely become a requirement for 2.6, so how this done can still
    change a bit.

    > - getting the tool to run _both_ in early-userspace and real-userspace
    > environments, using the _same_ policy file (or copies thereof)

    Early-userspace is not that much of a problem, as it only has to map
    the device information from sysfs to a device name. The required
    configuration file can be quite simple, every device has a list of
    properties, which closely resembles sysfs (one property == one value).

    bye, Roman

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