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    SubjectRe: PATCH: Fixes for ide-disk.c
    On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 09:00, Alan Cox wrote:
    > There are multiple "blocked" fields to deal with. drive->blocked
    > indicates we can't feed it commands because it is blocked due to
    > power management.
    > idedisk_suspend sets the drive->blocked field so that we panic if
    > anything is sent to the disk after we turned it off (since it
    > would be a corrupter).
    > idedisk_resume is called on the resume path and marks the drive
    > as safe to use.
    > So if you hit that bug, you did I/O after shutting the drive down,
    > which is not allowed.

    Okay. So the right behaviour is to ignore multiple idedisk_suspend calls
    and ignore multiple idedisk_resume calls?



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