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SubjectLinux 2.4.21-pre7

So here goes -pre7. Hopefully the last -pre.

Please try it.

Summary of changes from v2.4.21-pre6 to v2.4.21-pre7 v2.4.2-pre7

o PPC64 update

o [E1000] Documentation/networking/e1000.txt updates
o [E1000] Version, copyright, changelog and MAINTAINERS
o [E1000] Spd/dplx abstraction; eeprom size changes
o [E1000] IRQ registration fix
o [E1000] Added 82541 & 82547 support
o [E1000] Added MII support
o [E1000] Modulus math removed
o [E1000] Perform single PCI read per interrupt
o [E1000] Tx Descriptor cleanup
o [E1000] Read/Write register macro optimizations
o [E1000] Compaq to HP branding change
o [E1000] Whitespace changes
o [E1000] Added Tx FIFO flush routine
o [E1000] Added Interrupt Throttle Rate tuning support
o [E1000] Controller wake-up thru ASF fix
o [E1000] whitespace fix from previous patches

o Memleak in KOBIL USB Smart Card Terminal Driver
o USB: more Edgeport USB Serial Converter driver stuff
o USB: Memleak in drivers/usb/hub.c::usb_reset_device
o USB: memleak in Edgeport USB Serial Converter driver

o USB: New ids for scanner driver

o fix e1000 C99 initializer
o fix pcnet32 multicast fix

o USB HID: Ignore P5 Data Glove

o [SPARC64]: Define IDE MAX_HWIFS like x86

o USB: Patch for DSBR-100 driver

o USB: MTU patch for kaweth

Adam Radford <>:
o 3ware driver update: Backport 2.5 fixes

Adrian Bunk <>:
o trident 1/1 fix operator precedence bug

Alan Cox <>:
o arm typo fix
o Update DMI
o later VIA apic
o PCI layer bits for 440GX
o identify SiS 550 SoC
o warning fix
o mips config syntax fix
o iphase fixes
o update char
o fix char Makefile
o fix mem handling of high areas
o sx memory leak fix
o ibm hot plug driver fix
o resync IDE with -ac
o small isdn fixe
o i2o fixes
o 3c501 typo fix
o dgrs clean
o use ulong for timers
o update pc.ids
o pcmcia oops fix
o config syntax for S/390
o status must be signed
o add aic79xx to makefile
o more megaraid fixups
o dpt_i2o memory leak comments
o fix pcmcia shared irq on qlogicfas
o fix time abuse in qlogicfc
o more AC97 codec support
o leaks brackets and ;s for audio
o forte update from maintainer
o gus fixes
o make i810_audio use ac97 updates
o ixj leak fixes
o aic7xxx updates/aic79xx
o USB HCD deadlock fix
o setup bits for intelfb
o handle radeons that report 0 ram
o ldm leak fix
o ufs leak fix
o Add SIS CPU family ident
o fix time types for tty
o HP now owns compaq, maintainers shipft
o add syskonnect maintainer
o vlan leak fix
o irda leak fix

Alan Stern <>:
o USB: Belkin Compact Flash card reader fix

Andrew Morton <>:
o /proc/sysrq-trigger: trigger sysrq functions via

Andries E. Brouwer <>:
o USB: add better sddr09 support

Arjan van de Ven <>:
o usb storage horkage fix

Ben Collins <>:
o [SPARC64]: Add image target and fixup archclean

Brad Hards <>:
o USB: CDC Ethernet maintainer transfer

Christoph Hellwig <>:
o SGI SCSI blacklist entries for 2.4.21-pre6

Christoph Hellwig <>:
o fix drm-4.0 compile failure

David Brownell <>:
o USB: ehci-hcd, prink tweaks

David S. Miller <>:
o [SPARC64]: Use GFP_ATOMIC in request_irq
o [SPARC64]: Fix interrupt enabling on trap return
o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
o [SPARC64]: Do not define special strip, sparc64-linux-strip is actually normal strip
o [SPARC64]: Get ALI trident sound working again
o [SPARC64]: 2 timer handling fixes

David S. Miller <>:
o USB: fix for host controler build

David Woodhouse <>:
o Fix erase suspend for write on Intel flash chips
o Fix prototype of jffs2_get_ino_cache() to take unsigned argument

Erik Andersen <>:
o missing -ac merge in include/linux/ide.h

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o USB: added support for the palm M100
o USB: Added support for the Sony Clie NZ90V device
o USB: add support for Treo devices to the visor driver
o USB: fixup from previous io_ti.c patch
o USB: added support for Ericsson data cable to pl2303 driver
o USB: usb-storage bugfix
o USB: fix up zero packet issues with CDCEther driver

Ivan Kokshaysky <>:
o alpha: misc cleanups and fixes
o fix PCI bridge memory sizing

Jay Vosburgh <>:
o [bonding] fixes, cleanups, and minor feature addition

Jeff Garzik <>:
o [netdrvr tg3] fix memleak in DMA test
o [via-rhine] note that Roger is maintainer, in MAINTAINERS
o [netdrvr pcnet32] revert to 2.4.19 version
o [netdrvr pcnet32] fix multicast on big endian

Johannes Erdfelt <>:
o USB: uhci.c 2.4 finish completions in the correct order

Maksim Krasnyanskiy <>:
o [Bluetooth] Use very short disconnect timeout for SCO connections.
o [Bluetooth] Kill incoming SCO connection when SCO socket is closed.
o [Bluetooth] Support for SCO (voice) over HCI USB
o [Bluetooth] Do not submit more than one usb bulk rx request. It crashes uhci.o driver.
o [Bluetooth] Use atomic allocations in HCI USB functions called under spinlock

Marcel Holtmann <>:
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030208185812|16161
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030122214259|16085
o [Bluetooth] Add support for the Ultraport Module from IBM
o [Bluetooth] Use R1 for default value of pscan_rep_mode
o [Bluetooth] Add help entry for CONFIG_BLUEZ_USB_SCO

Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva>:
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre7
o Add missing PCI ID's from -ac merge
o Add more missing PCI IDS from -ac merge

Matthew Wilcox <>:
o Reduce random.c stack usage

Pete Zaitcev <>:

Roger Luethi <>:
o [via-rhine] fix races
o [via-rhine] reset logic
o [via-rhine] changelog

Scott Feldman <>:
o [E100] Update Documentation/networking/e100.txt
o [E100] Update version(2.2.21-k1), copyright, changelog
o [E100] spelling corrections from 2.5
o [E100] Add support for VLAN hw offload
o [E100] Cleanup #include order
o [E100] OS already calcs pseudo-hdr []
o [E100] interurpt handler free fix
o [E100] Validate updates to MAC address
o [E100] ethtool EEPROM and GSTRINGS fix
o [E100] ASF wakeup enabled, but only if set in EEPROM
o [E100] Remove strong branded marketing strings
o [E100] forced speed/duplex link recover
o [E100] Honor WOL settings in EEPROM
o [E1000] Increase default Rx descriptors to 256

Stephen C. Tweedie <>:
o Add less-severe assert-failure form for ext3
o Fix ext3 panic due to ll_rw_block behaviour after illegal block access
o Fix duplicate #include in journal.c
o Fix jbd assert failure on IO error
o Minor build fix for ext3 (2.4 and 2.5)
o Throttle ENOMEM warnings more aggressively
o Fix flushtime ordering on BUF_DIRTY list

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: Pass in the memory size on PReP machines

Wolfgang Muees <>:
o USB: Memory leak in auerswald driver

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