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SubjectRe: I compiled the kernel but it doesn't do any thing, its a bit like typing "halt
On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 11:38:47 John Bradford wrote:
> init=/bin/sh is already defined in init/main.c isn't
> it?
>Once the kernel has booted, it usually passed control to init. The
>kernel usually looks for init in /sbin /etc and /bin, but if there is
>no init in those locations, /bin/sh is looked for as a last resort.

>I am assuming that you have an init on your system, but something is

Perhaps. It may be the kernel.

Using init=/bin/sh will allow you to use the shell as the init
>process, which proves it's an init problem.

I did it but to no avail... Alas Mandrake sucks :-)

>> I accidentally compiled initrd in, but ive got it off
>> with "noinitrd".
>I don't really understand what you're trying to do.

Ok John, I'll put it simply, Im trying to compile a 2.5.* kernel. ;-)

Once ive got a 2.5.* series kernel to work on my machine, I've
decided to download .66 when I can get the one Ive got now to compile.

Ok John, calm down you seem a bit agitated :-)
Maybe you've been talking to Andre ;-)
Cheers, Dean.
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