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    SubjectRe: Why DRM exists [was Re: Flame Linus to a crisp!]

    Your complaint/observation about cloning/re-implementation is recognized.

    The counter claims are:

    1. Unless patents are involved, it is perfectly LEGAL.
    2. Virtually nothing is original to begin with.
    3. The practice is hardly unique to Open Source developers.

    Your statement about being part of the community AND a business owner is
    recognized. Yes, this gives you insight that a pure hobbies Open Source
    developer might not have. Are you the only one? No. Does this mean
    everyone should accept everything you say without analysis? No.

    Moving back to the statements *you made* that started this whole thread.

    What exactly are you trying to say about an Open Source relation to
    software theft (warezing), Audio/Video theft, high asian piracy rates and
    DRM? These are all things you brought up, but I couldn't recognize any
    coherent statement here.

    Further, you also stated, "The open source community, in my opinion, is
    certainly a contributing factor in the emergence of the DMCA and DRM
    efforts." Please explain.


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