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Subject2.5.68-bk7: Where oh where have my sensors gone? (i2c)
I keep a-lookin but I can't find any data. Have I missed something?

# find | grep -i pii
./bus/pci/drivers/piix4 smbus
./bus/pci/drivers/piix4 smbus/00:07.3
./bus/pci/drivers/PIIX IDE
./bus/pci/drivers/PIIX IDE/00:07.1
# find | grep -i i2c
./bus/i2c/drivers/dev driver
# find | grep -i sensor
# find | grep -i smbus
./bus/pci/drivers/piix4 smbus
./bus/pci/drivers/piix4 smbus/00:07.3

# grep '\(SENSORS\|I2C\)' .config | grep -v '^#'

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