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SubjectRe: Houston, I think we have a problem
> To reproduce this 100% of the time, simply compile virgin 2.5.68
> up/preempt, reduce your ram to 128mb, and using gcc-2.95.3 as to not
> overload the vm, run a make -j30 bzImage in an ext3 partition on a P3/500
> single ide disk box. No, you don't really need to meet all of those
> restrictions... you'll see the problem on a big hairy chested box as
> well, just not as bad as I see it on my little box. The first symptom of
> the problem you will notice is a complete lack of swap activity along
> with highly improbable quantities of unused ram were all those hungry
> cc1's getting regular CPU feedings.

Yes, that's why I don't use ext3 ;-) It's known broken, akpm is fixing it.


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