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    SubjectRe: ChangeLog suggestion
    Linus Torvalds wrote:

    >The thing is, the stuff that already _is_ in the changelog is certainly
    >enough to identify the email if you just have a reasonable search engine.
    >You have author, comments and diff, and if that isn't enough to identify
    >the thing then something is wrong.
    Slightly OT:
    Note that the "author" info is only semi readable from CVS. It contains
    just the user part of the email address (in my case - "lkml" for spam
    reasons - hardly a unique identifier). I'm told that under BK it has the
    full email, so I'm not sure where that stands there.

    This does mean that under CVS, this info is not searchable, nor even
    guarenteed unique.


    Shachar Shemesh
    Open Source integration consultant
    Home page & resume -

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