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    SubjectSome code for Swap Compression
    Alright, I'm done with everything except fdecomp_push() and
    fcomp_push(). For the decompression function fdecomp_push(),
    it fully supports the fcomp-standard streams (the ones I outlined
    originally), so the fcomp-extended stuff has to be supported
    (simple enough modification. I'm lazy). A very large portion (most
    of it) of fcomp_push() needs to be coded; the entire compression
    phase is uncoded. The logic is in that function, in comments.
    Someone has to read it, look at the format, and write it. After
    those two things, this can finally be shoved into a userspace
    program and rewritten for the kernel, and also can be preoptimized
    (i.e. don't resize the stream so many times in decompression when
    it's just copying data).

    tar.bz2 attatched. Please please PLEASE make a userspace
    program for this as well so that we can get a general idea about
    compression ratio. No better way than using it on files.

    --Bluefox Icy
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