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SubjectRe: ALSA and 2.4.x
Erik Andersen wrote:
> On Thu Apr 24 2003 - 08:35:48 EST, David van Hoose wrote:
>>Is there a ALSA backport to 2.4.x anywhere?
> I was crazy enough to take ALSA 0.9.2 and made it into a patch vs
> 2.4.x a week or two ago. I just prefer to have ALSA be part of
> the kernel rather than needing to compile it seperately all the
> time. The patch, along with various other things, is included as
> part of my 2.4.21-rc1-erik kernel:
> This is what I am running locally, and it works for me,

Works *very* well. I now have sound. I'd recommend adding the ALSA
documentation from 2.5.x to the patch. It is easier than trying to
navigate through for setup information. It would be
nice if ALSA was placed into 2.4.x as soon as possible. Doesn't require
any extra patches beyond the ones for the kernel.

Thanks for the help!

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