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SubjectRe: [PATCH] aha1740 update
>>>>> "CH" == Christoph Hellwig <> writes:

>> +/* This should really fit in driver/scsi/scsi.h, along with
>> + * scsi_to_{pci,sbus}_dma_dir.... */

CH> Right. Please submit a patch to James.

I think this would cause some troubles. I would have to include
linux/dma-mapping in driver/scsi/scsi.h, but many non-PCI
architectures are still including asm-generic/dma-mapping.h, which has
lots of references to PCI functions... I'm afraid this would clash
badly on, say, sparc or m68k...

CH> Well, and as you're touching the driver big time a cleanup to follow
CH> Documentation/CondingStyle would be nice.

I totally agree with the rest of your comments, and will submit an
updated patch shortly.


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